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WTI Features

It’s easy to connect to the future today. VoIP represents the future of telecom and it integrates to your system. No matter which system you have. The technology is in place to realize monthly savings and improve communications in small business to medium sized business's. Your business can have the tools to provide more flexibility while you save money month after month.

One line will cost just $21.95 per month. No contracts to worry about. Savings begin immediately. A Typical return on investment will take less than six months, in many cases the next month.

  • No Contracts (cancel whenever you want, but nobody cancels)
  • Domestic long distance included
  • Call hunting (rollover) included
  • Alert by email
  • Online management
  • Call forwarding (scheduled by time of day, day of the week, multiple schedules  by line or group

Telecom is the language of Business

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